Stannah 320 Outdoor Stairlift

The 320 has a manual swivel seat which allows the user to step off the stairlift safely at the top of the stairs. The chair can remain swivelled, creating an effective barrier, or turned back against the wall.

The swivel seat allows you to get off the chair safely and with complete ease. The joystick feature can be positioned in your place of choice on either arm, whichever you prefer. Due to the Stannah 320 being specially designed to be outdoors, The Stannah 320 is supplied with a protective cover to keep your stairlift dry when you’re not using it and in top condition. Simply fold the stairlift and pop the cover on.

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Stannah 320 External Stairlift Cover

The reliability of this stairlift comes from the quality of the engineering and specialist design. Designed to withstand the wind and rain, the protective cover on this stairlift makes it perfect for the outdoors.

The Stannah Sadler has been designed with those with limited mobility, specifically for people that struggle with hip or knee flexion. Unlike other perching stairlifts, the Stannah Sadler helps you to maintain a more upright position helping you to minimise the weight that is supported by the legs making it the perfect choice for those with limited flexibility in their knees and hips.

The Sadler helps you to overcome the challenges of getting in and out of the seated position, providing a secure solution for getting up and down the stairs, unlike many other stairlift designs.

Stannah 260 Curved Stairlift Sadler Seat

The Sadler’s innovative saddle-style seat lowers and raises with the user and together with its elevated position so all users with limited mobility can get both in and out of the chair with ease. Unlike a traditional perching stairlift seat, the Sadler takes the user’s weight rather than their legs taking the strain, making the ride more comfortable for those who experience any pain in their legs.


  • The perfect option for those with limited flexibility in their knees and hips
  • A slim design ideal for narrow stairs.

The slim design of the Stannah is very convenient for homes where the staircase is too narrow to accommodate other lifts.

  • Alternative to traditional and perch-style stairlifts
  • Available in different heights to suit both taller and shorter people
  • The retractable immobiliser seat belt ensures the stairlift will not operate unless your seatbelt is fastened

The seat belt fastens and unfastens with one hand, this is a great feature for those with arthritic hands.



  • Arm-to-footrest link. Folding the arms will automatically fold the footrest

This ensures that users do not have to bend to fold their stairlift, great for those who struggle with bending


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