Is the stairlift attached to the stairs or the wall?

All our stairlifts are fixed to the stairs by means of simple brackets.

What happens in a power cut?

Because all our new stairlifts are battery powered, the lift will continue to work in the event of your home or work place losing power. If you have a powered swivel seat, you will need to manually turn the seat until power is restored.

Do stairlifts take up much electricity?

No. The current used is around 2 amps. As a comparison, an average household kettle uses 8 amps.

Are stairlifts noisy?

No. Our stairlifts' battery-powered motors ensure a smooth, quiet ride.

Do stairlifts go fast?

No. All stairlifts have a slow-starting mechanism and will travel an average flight of 13 stairs in around 15 seconds.

Can stairlifts go around bends in the stairs?

Yes. All stairlifts for curved stairs are custom-made. Contact us for a free, no obligation visit to measure your stair case.

Do I always have to buy a new stairlift?

No. Of course we offer new stairlifts but we can also provide a range of high-quality reconditioned lifts to suit any budget. Stairlifts can also be rented from us if it is only needed for a short time.

How long does it take to install the stairlift and is it disruptive?

Stairlifts are usually installed in around half a day and our installers endeavour to ensure the task is carried out with the minimum of disruption. Any mess made during installation will be tidied up before our engineers leave and they will also demonstrate exactly how to use it.

If I am wheelchair user, can I have a lift to take me upstairs in my wheelchair?

Yes. We provide both a wheelchair stairlift and a through-the-floor homelift to enable wheelchair users to get up and down stairs.

What if I have a door or walkway at the top or bottom of my stairs?

No problem. We can install a hinged rail that folds away, either manually or automatically, after use to leave hall ways and open spaces free from tripping hazards.

What if I have problems getting off my stairlift?

We can provide stairlifts with built-in swivel seats - both powered and manual - that turn onto the landing to assist you at the top of the stair.

What if I have a narrow staircase?

We can provide stairlifts for almost any staircase, narrow or wide, and all lifts can be neatly folded away to allow other stair users to get by.

What happens when I no longer need my stairlift?

We will be happy to remove any lift that is no longer required and will do this free of charge providing the lift is in good condition and not too old, therefore we could resale it. Regardless of quality however, we will gladly remove any stairlift, although a charge may be incurred.

I'm disabled. Am I VAT exempt?

Download our VAT Exception Form to see if you are eligible for VAT exemption.


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